Friday, December 22, 2017

New website look and new products at

A lot has gone on since we have last posted a blog. The most prominent changes have been to our website, We felt the need to drive business to one location, so we have redirected to our main website and given our Waldorf customers a link on our main website as well. We will continue to use as a source for the Waldorf community, and we will decide whether to give that website a new look or redirect to our main website sometime soon.

Additionally, we have introduced a few new products I'll speak briefly about, the first being personal cards. We've created five different templates on our website that customers can use to create a personal card that reflects their interests, hobbies or even a small business. They can include photos, social media links, interests, and as much personal information that you want to provide. On the back side of each card you can also write a note on the card (something you may not want to share with everyone, or something additional you want to include). These cards are on sale at 25% off when you purchase two sets, so ask a friend and receive a discount for both your sets!

The other new products we are marketing are Action Journals and Monthly Planners. These two items are notebook style time management journals. Think of At-A-Glance meet legal pads with spiral coil binding to easily view notes (on the left) and priorities (on the right). We're offering free copies here